Taking immediate action on climate change

ISPT has committed to future generations by taking immediate action on climate change with a 100% carbon neutral achievement. The certification is for the base building operations on all ISPT owned and operated properties, as well as our corporate offices.


100% Australian offsets

In an industry first, ISPT has procured 100% Australian Carbon Credit Offset Units (ACCUs) with a focus on programs connected to Indigenous communities.

This reflects our commitment to act ethically and responsibly, as we believe social and environmental initiatives create long-term investment value for our Investors, customers, communities and teams.

We’ve accomplished this carbon neutral pathway by managing climate risks in our portfolio and operations through energy efficiency, onsite renewables, offsite renewables through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and then by offsetting the remainder of emissions with ACCUs.

Rosemary Hartnett, Chair of ISPT says

“ISPT doesn’t just invest in property – we seek to build better and more sustainable futures for our investors, customers and communities. Achieving carbon neutral status is testament to this commitment and 15 years of hard work and perseverance by ISPT’s team and board.

“We have chosen to take positive action today and to continue to build on this into the future. ISPT is committed to becoming a net positive producer of carbon offsets by 2025, to protect our planet and grow the savings of half of all Australians through both responsible investment and action”.


Invested in our communities

We’ve invested in seven community-based projects which will protect and regenerate native land to restore habitats for plants and animals, while also driving positive economic outcomes for Indigenous owned-businesses and communities. It’s Australia’s largest local offsetting project.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, says:

“At ISPT, we recognise our responsibility to anticipate and manage the impacts of climate change as part of our responsible investment approach. This is why we have taken action now to achieve carbon neutrality across 100% of our owned and operated properties where we have full operational control, and in doing so, will support positive environmental, social and economic outcomes for Australians”.


Building towards a carbon positive future

Building on our carbon neutral achievement, we are targeting to become a net positive producer of carbon offsets by 2025. We’ll achieve this longer-term target in multiple ways, including further power purchase agreements (PPAs), carbon sequestration with the carbon conservation land bank and rolling out Stage 3 of our National Solar PV Project.

The Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement is here.

The Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification is here.