Large-scale waste throughout the commercial property industry is well known, with too many items ending up in landfill that could be put to good use.

But at ISPT, we do things differently.

We believe the most sustainable building is the one already built, and as we prepare to give 500 Bourke Street a new lease of life, we’re embracing this ethos in more ways than one. We’ve teamed up with experts to save over 15,000 furniture items, 42,000 ceiling tiles plus white goods and blinds  from a one-way trip to landfill. And in the process, help build a home for homeless and displaced youth.

Supporting our most vulnerable

ISPT has delivered a brand new home for one of our long term customers and we’re redistributing their secondhand furniture to charities and sustainable furniture stores. We’re donating $200,000 from the sale of these items to the Property Industry Foundation – funds that will build and set up a home for displaced youth in the town of Shepperton, Vic. It’s our way of standing true to our ESG commitments and supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

This is one of the largest physical releases of furniture items in Australia, and we’ve made a commitment to rehome 85% of it.

The start of something big

Through this industry-leading initiative, we aim to set a new standard for responsible reuse in the commercial property industry.

And this is just the start.

We’ll take what we’ve learned from this project and create a nationwide program to be rolled out across our portfolio, where waste becomes a resource rather than a problem. We’ve been transforming organic waste into usable by-products in our properties since 2019 and we look forward to expanding on this principle and implementing it on a much larger scale.

Watch our videos about the scheme

Saving the environment, one chair at a time here
Repurposing end of life office fitouts here

Items to be redistributed

  • 15,211 items of furniture
  • 42,000 sqm of ceiling tiles
  • 173 white goods items
  • 1,000+ blinds retrofitted to charity homes and public housing