More than NABERS ratings 

ISPT has a long history of improving the financial performance of our buildings through energy efficient measures. We take a strategic and proactive approach to reducing energy usage that has seen us achieve savings of $27M over the last 5 years. This is testament to the strength of our partnerships and a combination of teamwork and technical excellence.

Working together to improve our buildings 

Our partners and onsite teams play a crucial role in helping improve efficiencies in our properties. We ensure our teams are well trained in the best ways to manage efficiency through consumption benchmarking, scheduling pro-active maintenance an identifying the root causes of any issues or breakdowns.

Strategic capital investment 

We invest in upgrading or replacing plant and equipment and improving automatic controls, monitoring, alarming and reporting to ensure optimum performance in all ISPT properties. We continually assess where we can make efficiency and performance improvements to enhance the experience for our customers, visitors and communities.