R.M.Williams opens global brand flagship store at ISPT’s 345 George St, Sydney

R.W.Williams has opened its global brand flagship store at ISPT's 345 George Street, Sydney

The store has been designed by leading Australian design architects ACRD, as a place where heritage meets innovation

The apex of the store is a curved boot wall – the largest in the brand’s retail repertoire – presenting the signature offering of handcrafted leather boots

R.M.Williams officially opened its global brand flagship store at ISPT’s 345 George Street, Sydney on Friday 1 December, heralding a new era of retail experiences for one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic boot brands.

Located on Sydney’s iconic George Street at the centre of the CBD, the new brand home continues a special partnership with leading Australian design architects ACRD, creating an array of unique, experiential moments, bespoke furniture and finishes throughout, a place where heritage meets innovation. The store is a fitting location for the brand’s bestselling collection of handcrafted leather boots as well as its ever-growing range of apparel and lifestyle products.

R.M.Williams has been part of the George Street retail scene since 1987 when the first Sydney retail store was relocated from Castlereagh Street. The upgraded store will house the brand’s entire collection at one flagship location and provides ample space for a virtual retail shopping experience, brand activations, events, and for customers to access their signature service, including being fitted for a new pair of RMs.

R.M.Williams Chief Executive Paul Grosmann said the new store represented a new future in craftmanship, innovation and sustainability for the home of R.M.Williams.

“It’s an honour to expand into a new flagship space on George Street, the same street that has hosted us since 1987,” Mr Grosmann said. “Our new location will offer a world class retail experience with a number of distinctive spaces and interactive moments that immerse customers in the world of R.M.Williams. We look forward to celebrating this next chapter of our retail journey in such an iconic location – one that’s emerging as the beating heart of Sydney’s retail scene.”

ISPT’s Group Executive, Head of Property Amanda Steele commented, “The new flagship R.M.Williams at 345 George Street epitomises the future of experiential retail in our CBD precincts. By creating an immersive retail environment that blends virtual with in-store activations in the one flagship location, R.M.Williams is setting a new standard for exceptional customer experiences. We are proud to be welcoming this iconic brand to our George Street commercial precinct and look forward to continuing to support R.M.Williams’ legacy within Sydney’s thriving retail scene for many years to come.”

Above the store, a new digital innovation space allows the brand’s customer service team to connect with clients in personal ways, delivering the R.M.Williams retail experience via virtual channels. A purpose-built digital showroom houses services such as virtual boot fitting and personal shopping, offering customers real-time style and fit advice, while removing geographical boundaries. Complete with artisanal touches and bespoke details, the space has been built thoughtfully as a place to belong.

Set across a spacious 460sqm area, the store is considered the next step in R.M.Williams’ growing retail offering, with dedicated spaces for each of the brand’s product categories and design details that nod to its impressive legacy of Australian craftsmanship. The apex of the store is a curved boot wall – the largest in the brand’s retail repertoire – that presents the signature offering of handcrafted leather boots. The space is complete with bespoke seating, boot care nooks and soft carpet underfoot, forming a relaxed environment in which to get expertly measured and fitted for a pair of iconic RMs.